Render Ghosts (London/Utrecht) make soaring, kinetic tunes that take synth pop into the 21st century.

This is the first coming together of three musicians who individually make wildly different music — A singer-songwriter who until now has sung in Dutch, a classically-trained composer of chamber pop masterpieces, and a sound artist who uses buildings like Tower Bridge as instruments.

The result is Render Ghosts, who inhabit the spaces between Gracey and Everything Everything, Erasure and St Vincent.

I am afraid of my future
I feel displaced in my own skin
I'm not giving you the desire you desire

Tom Wilson and Tamara van Esch’s lyrics map out the disorientation of human relationships in a digital world. Iain Chambers’ rich, synth-heavy soundscapes emerge from interlocking melodies and propulsive beats, occasionally allowing his musique concrète roots to impishly show through.


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